BESANTEK BST-IT815 15kV High Voltage Insulation Tester

Model NO: BST-IT815

UPC Number: 752830837966

BESANTEK BST-IT815 will applied for testing the insulation resistance of cables, motors, generators, transformers, insulators, high-pressure switches, wiring installations.....etc.

Tests insulation resistance up to 30T
Short-circuit current up to 5mA
Microprocessor controlled
30 Insulation test voltages:
500V, 1kV, 1.5kV, 2kV, 2.5kV, 3kV, 3.5kV, 4kV, 4.5kV, 5kV, 5.5kV, 6kV, 6.5kV, 7kV, 7.5kV, 8kV,
8.5kV, 9kV, 9.5kV, 10kV, 10.5kV, 11kV, 11.5kV, 12kV, 12.5kV, 13kV, 13.5kV, 14kV, 14.5kV, 15kV,
AC / DC Voltmeter (600V)
PI (Polarization Index) indication
DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) indication
Auto-ranging on all insulation ranges
Backlight function
Bargraph indicates test voltage, rise and decay can be observed
Menu driven
Visual and audible warning if external voltage is present. (30Vac or 30Vdc)
Auto-hold function to freeze the reading
Overload protection
Adjustment for testing time (duration) : 1~30 minutes
Optical USB to RS-232 data transmission
200 measurement results can be saved in the memory and recalled on the display.