BESANTEK BST-DL13+ USB PDF Temperature and Humidity DataLogger

Model NO: BST-DL13+

UPC Number:

BESANTEK USB PDF Temperature and Humidity DataLogger is widely applied to laboratory fields, food industry, medical application, pharmaceutical industry, industrial application, environmental protection areas and agricultural research fields.

Adaptive and highly sensitive sensor with fast response and high accuracy.
Records up to 7000 readings.
Dustproof and waterproof design to resist moisture, dew and dust.
Exceed limit alarm: can set the temperature and humidity limit, when the value exceed the limit, LED lights flashing.
Low power design, 1/2 AA 3.6V lithium battery, working for 12 months and easy to install.
Instrument connected into the computer automatically generate PDF documents, view and analyze data more convenient and efficient.
LCD display.
Max./Min. and current value.
Accessories: Instruction manual, bracket, cover and battery.

Temperature Range

-30C to70C

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Range

0 to 99%RH

Humidity Resolution


Humidity Accuracy


Record Volume


Sampling Interval


Log Interval

From 5s to 12hours

LCD Size

18mm x 13.5mm

Battery Life

1 year

Power Source

3.6V 1/2 AA lithium battery


125mm x 28mm x 22mm


Approx. 62g

BST-DL13+: USB PDF Temperature and Humidity DataLogger