BESANTEK BST-SQ09 Psychro-hygrometer

Model NO: BST-SQ09

UPC Number:

BESANTEK Psychro-hygrometer has been designed to combine the functions of air temperature, humidity and type k thermometer.

New compact hand held meter measures and records single thermocouple K type with ambient temperature and relative humidity.
Quick response and high accuracy single input thermocouple and TRH.
Relative function to compare the reference temperature per second.
Low battery warning indicator.
Backlight function for working in dark area.
Hold function: Freeze current readings on LCD.
Maximum/Minimum/Average: Record since powered on.
DP.WB temperature.
Auto power off: Save power energy when not used. Enable to disable the function.
Temperature unit: Switchable.
Display T1(K), T2(TRH), T1-T2, T1 REL, T2 REL with Time and Date.
Store up to 8G memory to csv. format.
Accessories: Instruction manual, 9V battery, k type probe x 1,universal adaptor and 8G micro SD card, black blow case.