BESANTEK BST-DL13 Temperature & Humidity USB DataLogger

Model NO: BST-DL13

UPC Number: 752830837263

BESANTEK Temperature & Humidity USB DataLogger is widely applied to laboratory fields, food industry,medical application, pharmaceutical industry, industrial application, environmental protection areas andagricultural research fields.

Adaptive highly sensitive sensor with fast response and high accuracy.
Records up to 43000 readings.
Water resistance.
User-programmable datalogger name, humidity,temperature alarm limit, logging rate (2s to 24h)and offset adjust.
LED lights alert when exceed limit that user set.
BSTSoftware compatible with windows.
Integrated LCD display.
Record diagram, mean kinetic temperaturecalculation & dew point indication via BSTSoftware.
Friendly mounting bracket.
Max./Min. and current value.
Accessories: Instruction manual, CD software,bracket, cover and battery.

Temperature Range

-30 to70C(-22 to 158F)

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Range

0 to 100%RH

Humidity Resolution


Humidity Accuracy


Record Volume


Logging Rate

2s to 24h

LCD Size

18mm x 13.5mm

Battery Life

1 year

Power Source

3.6V 1/2 AA lithium battery


126mm x 34mm x 28mm


Approx. 60g

BESANTEK BST-DL13 Temperature & Humidity USB DataLogger