BESANTEK Corporation is a Canadian Manufacturer in providing industry standard specialized full series of Test & Measurement Instruments, Tools, and High Voltage Phase Comparators. 

BESANTEK Incorporated in 2009 in Canada and is now an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization. BESANTEK is now one of Canadas rapidly growing leading supplier to the various industries such as Engineering Laboratories and Facilities, Biomedical Laboratories, Biotechnical Engineering Facilities, Pharmaceuticals Labs & Manufacturing Industries as well as Chemical labs, Transportation Industry, H-VAC and Industrial Manufacturing.

Our range of instruments include Anemometer, Audio Impedance Tester, Battery Tester, Cable Tracer/Testers, Circuit Breaker Identifier, Clamp-On Meters, Coating Thickness Meter, Digital Electrical Network Analyzer, Digital Loop Tester, Digital Low Resistance Ohm Meter, Earth Resistance Tester, ELCB Tester, Gas Detector, Ground Fault Locator, Ground Resistance Testers, High Voltage Detectors, Humidity & Temperature Meters,nsulation Tester, Laser Distance Meter, Lux Meter, Multitesters, Phase Sequence Indicator, Resistor Calibration Box, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Vibration Meter, Voltage Tester, Water Test.

Our High Voltage Phase Comparators are available in five models of up to 44KV.

Our current customers include small and large industries, such as power generating, oil refining, biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, transportation, electronic and other various businesses enterprises.

We possess the knowledge, experience and knowhow in the industry, and a unique talent for delivering highly complex technical services and concepts that the industry demands.

We have assisted all types of clients and customers in all types of settings, furthermore, we enjoy a challenge, and continually stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field.

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