Ottawa, ON, Sep.18, 2019 / BESANTEK and University of Ottawa today signed a strategic partnership to support the further development of the novel catalytic systems for methane combustion industry in Canada. 

a collaboration agreement to develop novel catalytic systems for methane combustion using bi-metallic, ultra low noble metal content nanoparticles and ionically conducting supports. This will help bring BESANTEK in a position to develop made in Canada system. 

Under the agreement, BESANTEK invested with the support of Mitacs grant, and the two parties will work together to develop a pre-commercialization prototype catalytic system for methane combustion for industrial applications. 

Under this agreement, BESANTEK will introduce the novel catalytic systems for methane combustion to potential investors, customers, and intermediaries.  BESANTEK brings proven experience and oversight to ensure on-time and on budget developing and commercializing of equipments. 

We are very excited to work with Professor Elena Baranova said Abudagga the president and CEO of BESANTEK. Teaming up with Professor Elena at University of Ottawa to develop novel catalytic systems for methane combustion is an exciting development for our company. Furthermore, If this technology can be added to methane combustion at temperatures below 400 C, it may help us make profound discoveries regarding our place in creating cleaner environment.