BESANTEK BST-GFL31 Professional Ground Fault Locator Kit


BESANTEK Professional Ground Fault Locator is designed to deal with current leakage DC system of high resistance below 1MΩ. It pinpoints faulty grounding where electrical line have breakage and current lost to the ground. It gives excellent solutions for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Shipping Time: 2 - 4 Weeks




- Fast location for ground fault in different DC systems.
- Strong anti interference when system is working online.
- Innovative dual range current detector with direction sensitivity.
- Multi-way for location: current direction, signal strength and phase angle.
- Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than 1MΩ.
- Innovative dual-clamp for signal receiver, each clamp has two sizes of opening jaw for different conductors.
- One pair of clamps working together, effective cancel capacitive interference from DC system itself.
- Precise current direction (positive or reversed) indicating for leaking current help fast locate the faulty grounding.
- Adjustable output frequency on signal receiver effectively avoids interference from DC system itself.
- Signal receiver can set reference in different points for signal comparison, very fast for fault orientation.
- Digital signal processing technology for detecting grounding resistance and capacitive resistance.
- With built-in band pass filter to by pass different interference signals in the ambient environment.
- No disconnection of the electrical installation, ground fault location is carried out during operation.
- Frequency spectrum analysis can test ambient frequencies, helps select the right frequency for the right DC system.
- Signal-generator with adjustable output voltage (24V~1000V) and output frequency (1~325 Hz) for different DC systems.
- Multi-ways to indicate ground fault: Sensitive current direction, phase angle, comparison of signal strength.
- Accessories: Instruction manual, functional signal receiver and dual-clamp with 2 conductor sizes.

Tech. Specification


Output Voltage

24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 500V and 1000V

Output Frequency

10Hz (1Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz & 325Hz as option)

Output Current Limitation

5mA & no limit (max: 30mA)

Fault Location Sensitivity


Current Detect Sensitivity of AC/DC Circuit


Current Sensor

φ8 and φ20, two clamps with dual-range


Signal generator: 320 x 240 pixel 3.5‘’ LCD screen 

Signal receiver: 240 x 320 pixel 3.5‘’ LCD touch screen



Operating Temperature

-10°C to 55°C

Power Consumption

≥4 hours

Power Source

Signal generator: 3500mAh/14.4V rechargeable Li-ion battery
Charger input: AC220V/110V, output: DC16.8V/2A
Signal receiver: 2400mAh/8.4V rechargeable Li-ion battery
Charger input: AC220V/110V, output: DC8.4V300mA


360 (L) x 260 (W) x 135 (H) mm




Ordering Info.

BESANTEK BST-GFL31 Professional Ground Fault Locator Kit


  • BST-GFL31  Datasheet
  • BST-GFL31  English Users Manual

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