BST-AFM05 BESANTEK IR Thermometer & CFM/CMM Vane Anemometer


BESANTEK IR Thermometer & CFM/CMM Vane Anemometer is designed to measure flow speed, volume flow, temperature and chill temperature as practical handheld. It has been applied to HVAC, paint and facilities maintenance, environmental laboratory utilization systems.

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  • Adaptive and highly sensitive sensor with fast response and high accuracy.
  • CFM/CMM Thermo-anemometer with built-in non-contact IR thermometer measures remote surface temperature to 260C (500F) and 8:1 distance to spot ratio.
  • Simultaneous display of air flow or air velocity plus ambient temperature.
  • Easy to set area dimensions (cm) are stored in the meters internal memory for the next power on it.
  • 20 points average for air flow.
  • 3% Velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83"D (72mm) ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9ft (120cm) cable.
  • Large LCD display, reliable and stable.
  • Accessories: Instruction manual, vane sensor with 3.9ft (120cm)cable, 9V battery, protective rubber holster and carrying case.

Tech. Specification

Range: 80~5.900 ft/min, 0.40~30.0 m/s, 1.4~108.0 km/h,0.9~67.0 MPH, 0.8~58.0 knots
Resolution: 1ft/min, 0.01m/s, 0.1km/h, 0.1MPH, 0.1knots
Accuracy: (3%rdg+40ft/min), (3%rdg+0.20m/s), (3%rdg+0. 8km/h), (3%rdg+0.4MPH), (3%rdg+0.4knots)

Air Velocity

Range: 0~999999m/min
Resolution: 0.1
Area: 0~999.9m

Air Flow CMM

Range: 0~999999ft/min
Resolution: 0.1
Area: 0~999.9ft

Air Flow CFM

Range: -10~60C (14~140F)
Resolution: 0.1C (0.1F)
Accuracy: 2C (4F)

Air Temperature

Range: -50~260 C (-58~500F)
Resolution: 1C (1F)
Accuracy: -50~-20C (-58~-4F): 5C (9F)
- 20~260C: 2% reading or 2C whichever is greater

Infrared Temperature

Operating: 0~50C (32~122F), <80%RH
Storage: -10~60C (14~140F), <80%RH

Temperature & Humidity

Dual function 13mm (0.5) 4 - digit LCD


9V battery x 1

Power Source

Main instrument: 178 x 74 x 33 mm
Sensor head: 70mm (2.75) Diameter


725g (including battery & probe)



Ordering Info.

  • BST-AFM05: IR Thermometer & CFM/CMM Vane Anemometer



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