Circuit Breaker Identifiers: What You Need to Know!

We are already aware of the significance of electrical measuring instruments. Needless to say, these life-saving instruments have made our lives a lot easier. Of course, we need electricity to operate all our electronic devices, but it is equally important to ensure everything is working appropriately and accurately. That's when instruments like AC DC clamp meter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Earth Resistance Testers, etc., kick in. 

One such essential measuring tool is Circuit Breaker Finder or Identifier. It is a useful tool that helps to save time and identify circuits. This instrument is especially valuable for electricians, renovators, contractors, homeowners, or anyone working on electrical systems. Here is an overview of what these instruments are, how they work, how to use them, & where to buy them!

What are Circuit Breaker Identifiers?

A Circuit Breaker Identifier is a measuring tool used for identifying the circuit breaker controlling a specific set of outlets. This tool is useful when you have to work on a particular breaker. It also comes in handy when your circuit breaker panel is not mapped rightly. These devices are especially beneficial while working within older buildings and homes with poorly labeled breaker panel boxes. A breaker finder usually works on energized circuits as opposed to a circuit breaker tracer that can function on both live and de-energized circuits. 

How Does Circuit Breaker Finder Work?

Now that you know what these devices are, let's discuss how they work! It works by using a transmitter and receiver. Talking about the transmitter, this part gets plugged into the outlet with the help of an adaptor. It sends a signal that travels through the circuit wires to find the controlling breaker. On the other hand, the receiver is used at the circuit breaker panel. It pairs with the transmitter to receive or detect the signal through a specific breaker. On receiving the electric signal, the receiver beeps and flashes. Moreover, some breaker finders come with built-in GFCI testers that help test if the outlet's safety feature is working correctly. 

What are the Types?

There are two major types of Circuit Breaker Finders based on receiving the signals. 

Manual Circuit Breaker Finders : This device is suitable for experienced electricians. It helps to fine-tune the sensitivity of the signal from circuit breakers.

Automatic Circuit Breaker Finders : As the name suggests, it automatically sets the sensitivity to the optimum level. It functions so in order to avoid false positives from other circuit breakers. 

How to Use the Instrument?

You can go through the following steps to use the Circuit Breaker Finder:

  • Know the outlet on the circuit you wish to work on
  • Put the batteries in the receiver and set them on maximum sensitivity. 
  • Now, plug in the transmitter. The light on the transmitter will indicate if the circuit is live.
  • Ensure the receiver is beeping or lighting up when situated near a transmitter so that it picks up the right signals
  • Move the receiver all over the circuit breaker panel and gradually lower the receiver's sensitivity.
  • Once you see the receiver bee[ing at one breaker, flip the breaker switch
  • You need a keyless socket adapter to find the controlling circuit breaker of the light fixture.
  • After that, remove the light bulb and plug in the transmitter.

How Long Will It Last?

If properly cared for, your Circuit Breaker Identifier can last for several years. Make sure to follow the instructions or manufacturer's guide that comes with the product. Misuse of the device can lead to damage to its circuitry. Ensure to store the tool in a dry place and remove the battery to prevent leakage. Also, if the unit is not working, replace the battery. However, if it is still not working properly, it means it's time to buy a new one!

Should You Buy or Rent the Device?

Circuit breaker identifiers are relatively inexpensive devices. Though you may find rentals at a tool lease outlet, it is better to invest in this useful instrument for future needs. Some breaker finders come with GFCI outlet analyzers to provide more value in exchange for money. You will need this tool more often than you think. Thus, buying this device from a trustworthy supplier is usually better. 

From Where Should You Buy?

Are you wondering where to buy this instrument? Well, you will find a plethora of options around you as there are many suppliers. However, it is necessary to pick the best circuit breaker finder from a well-reputed store to get a guarantee on quality and durability. While purchasing this device, make sure to consider some additional features. It should be robust and lightweight with a low power consumption feature. 

If you want to buy a quality-driven Circuit Breaker Identifier, Besantek is the right place for you to visit! Not only the breaker finder, but you will also find plenty of other measuring instruments here, such as AC DC Clamp Meter. Hopefully, this information will help you invest in the right device and use it correctly.
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