Industries Where You Need Multi Gas Detectors

The use of gas detector devices is imperative in certain lines of work. Whether you work in a fire department or the coal mining industry, chances of coming across hazardous gases always lurk around. However, having multi gas detectors on your hands is a great way to stay safer on the job. These devices help identify the harmful gas leaks and know the source of the leakage. These pieces of information can help professionals take the right action on time and save the lives of workers. That's why it is mandatory to have a gas detector device in some work zones. 

We have listed the industries where the use of gas detectors can guarantee a safer work environment. 

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industries

Gases that are key ingredients for semiconductor fabrication include Methane (CH4), Phosphine (PH3), and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Professionals use these gases in different areas throughout the manufacturing facilities of semiconductors. These areas comprise gas cabinets, wafer reactors, and wafer dryers. 

Processes such as deposition, doping, photolithography, and etching use gases as a catalyst to make reactions and produce superconductor devices like Transistors and Diodes. Though these gases are an essential enabler for manufacturing semiconductor devices, they are highly toxic. These harmful gases can even cause concussions if inhaled. Moreover, such companies also use HCL, whose fumes can lead to irritation and affect the respiration system. 

However, a multi-gas detector can be integrated into the company's existing systems to detect the gas leakages that can be devastating. Thus, with this equipment, professionals can take the quick and right course of action to prevent the spread of such harmful gases over a wide region.

Fire Department

In the firefighting sector, gas-related risks are common. Toxic fumes sometimes become unavoidable for firefighters unless they use a multi-gas detector. Gas detecting devices can help fire professionals to know whether the air in the cold zone is safe or not. Firefighters often respond to emergency calls related to carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. An efficient gas detector equipment can not only help detect the presence of CO gas but also can help know the source of the CO leak. 

Along with CO, there are other harmful gases also that often become life-threatening for firefighters. Furthermore, gas detector devices can also help fire professionals in confined spaces like storm drains or sewers. Hence, it is critical to use gas detectors to keep up with the fire crew and ensure their safety. 

Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are yet another place where the release of toxic gases is quite common. Some manufactured chemicals in such industries are the cause of the release of harmful gases that lead to serious irritation in the eyes, throat, and nose. When inhaled, some of these gases can cause convulsion and nausea, resulting in unconsciousness or even death. 

Non-toxic gases can displace oxygen in an enclosed area, causing suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Moreover, there is always a chance of the release of gases from metal containers while they are stored or transported. Therefore, a gas detector is crucial with such containers while transportation and for chemical industries to detect gas leakages. 


One of the sectors where the use of gas detector devices is indispensable is mining. In the mining sector, professionals use multi gas detectors to detect the presence of toxic and flammable gases in mines. The most common gases are H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide, also known as sewer gas) and methane in mines. 

The deficiency of oxygen in mines affects the mental health of workers, causing a decrease in their productivity and even permanent mental disability. Thus, a gas detecting device is one of the best solutions that workers can use to ensure an oxygen-rich environment to work productively without any health hazards. 

Wastewater Treatment Plants

In sewers, gases like methane, CO, and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) manifest because of the presence of septic wastewater. Bacteria present in sewers use the available oxygen to decompose and feed on the organic matter that exists in the wastewater. Thus, they release sulfur compounds. These compounds reach the hydrogen in the tunnels to produce H2S gas that has the odor of rotten eggs. Inhaling these H2S gases, along with other harmful ones, can even lead to the death of workers who are working in sewers.  

In addition, H2S is a highly flammable gas and can also cause an explosion. Therefore, it is quite necessary to use gas detectors, especially for detecting H2S, to ensure the protection of workers from any accident. These devices can be a lifesaver for workers. 

Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry in all its segments, including upstream, downstream, and midstream, deals with highly combustible gases. These combustible gasses explode when exposed to high temperatures. There is always a risk of these gases bursting into flames, whether doing offshore exploration or onshore refining of crude into products. 

Another challenge for oil companies in refineries is to follow the environmental codes and regulations for the emission of exhaust gases. In that case, a multi-gas detector can help refineries to identify and control the release of harmful gases present in the air. Besides, gas detectors installed in specific areas in oil companies can help detect the leakage of gas. Therefore, allowing authorities to take appropriate actions to repair the source and avoid casualties. 


So, these are the major industries where gas detectors are mandatory to ensure safety. Apart from a multi-gas detector, there are other safety tools that you should take along with you when going out to work. For example, if you are an electrician, tools like a high voltage insulation tester are crucial to carrying for safety purposes. Thus, choose your safety equipment based on your line of work. Also, remember that your health or well-being comes first. You can buy such scientific instruments or tools from reliable online stores, such as Besantek. They provide premium-quality and industry-driven tools at the best price.