5 Significant Measurement Instruments for Pro Electricians

There is a range of electric measurement devices that professionals use to measure several electrical parameters. These parameters comprise current, resistance, continuity, voltage, capacitance, etc. The purpose of writing this content is to guide you with the functionality of some significant devices like multimeter, digital earth resistance tester, digital clamp meter, and more.

Know the crucial measurement tools every pro electrician should use.

Digital Multimeter

Also known as the volt-ohm meter, multimeters are electronic measuring equipment that combine various measurement functions in a unit. This multipurpose measuring tool is widely used to diagnose and fix electrical circuits and devices. In addition, this device is capable of measuring several parameters such as current, capacitance, voltage, resistance, etc. Many technicians of the electrical industry use this portable tool to detect faults at fieldwork and measure a high degree of accuracy. The digital multimeter comes with a resolution in digitals and performs various functions from AC to DC other than analog.

Earth Resistance Tester

As the name suggests, an earth tester is used to measure the resistance of the earth. Professionals usually use this equipment while doing earthing, which is important to keep the voltage constant and provide safety from current leakages. The earthing process is indispensable because it protects human lives from current leakage and other electrical appliances. Digital earth resistance tester measures low resistance, and if the resistance value is too low, then this tester is known as ground resistance tester. The device has various applications, including street lighting, cell towers, telephone pedestals, pad and pole-mounted transformers, and more.

Digital Clamp Meter

A clamp meter is a clothespin-shaped electrical testing device. It is a combination of a current sensor and a digital multimeter. Professionals use this tool to measure the high current level in the circuit. It can be clamped around a live wire for measuring the current it is carrying. It detects the magnetic field emitted by the current which is flowing in the live wire for measuring the current value. Apart from the current, the advanced versions of this tool can measure resistance, voltage, and continuity. The major applications of this tool include industrial controls, industrial equipment, HVAC, and residential and commercial systems.

Circuit Breaker Identifier

A circuit breaker identifier is a small battery-operated device. The tool's basic purpose is to find which circuit breaker in the main service panel serves a particular outlet to which the device is connected. It has two major components or parts, namely transmitter, and receiver. The transmitter part is responsible for sending a signal that travels through the wire up to the circuit breaker. Once done, the receiver then detects that particular signal through a particular breaker. Circuit breaker identifiers are important for servicing an outlet or light fixture, especially if the circuit breaker panel does not have labels.

Insulation Testers

Insulation testers help to prevent hazards such as short circuits electric shock that happens when the insulation in electrical parts is used in buildings, industrial plants, etc. These devices use a high voltage, low current DC charge for measuring the resistance within wires to identify current leakage or damaged insulation. Moreover, it is also used for testing supply lines to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Professionals use portable insulation testers for testing insulation resistance, alternating current, continuous current, and more.


So, these are some indispensable electronic instruments that the majority of professional electricians use for accurate measurement. Hopefully, this piece of content guided you well to use the right tool for your work. You can buy these measuring tools online from Besantek. They provide a range of industry-standard measurement instruments like circuit breaker identifiers, Digital Clamp Meter, Resistor Calibration Box, High Voltage Detector, Multimeter, and many more.

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